We carry all the big pump brands and can help you choose the right pump for you, whether for a small house or a bore pump for your farm.


Specialising in service and repair of most pump types including older models that are not common and that a lot of pump shops avoid. We stock a large range of spare parts so you can repair your own pump and to speed up the repairs of your pump in our shop. 


We also carry and install hydraulic ram pumps. 


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For the fire season we have a large range of firefighter pumps, including Onga Pentair with Honda and Briggs and Stratton Motors. Give us a call and we will set you up with an ideal setup for your situation.


We also carry firefighter hose kits containing suction and delivery hoses.


We have a great range of fire protection for the home including gutter plugs, rooftop sprinklers and hose nozzles.

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